Media coverage after dharna at Town Hall, Bangalore

We had conducted dharna against Marriage Laws Amendment (2010) Bill on Saturday, 26th May, 2012 in front of Town Hall, Bangalore.  Here are some of the coverage and discussion in media due to our dharna:

1. Article dated 27th May 2012 on the 3B, Bangalore edition of Prajavani (Deccan Herald Group) with the tag line “Mahila daurjanya Purushara prathibatane“: read more

Quota for men students may be good idea

Recent news mentioned about proposal in St Stephen’s college, Delhi about instituting 40% quota for men in admissions.

To preserve what was once an all “male” bastion, the Supreme Council of St Stephen’s College has decided to reserve 40 per cent of seats in the college for male students. read more

In coping with stress, men could be the weaker sex

Parvathy Anoop

Women have traditionally been labelled the weaker sex. But the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data for suicide rates each year contradicts this and shows a consistent increase in the rate of suicides among men, especially married men. read more

Gender gap, which way exactly?

Surely men and women are equal, and the gender gap is decreasing. 

According to recent news below, there are more elderly women in India than men.  So the reason Indian men are dying earlier than women is because of gender gap?

Note: Feminocratic norms of calculating gender gap ignore any area where women are ahead than men. World bank follows same approach in its gender gap reporting, so you should just shut your mouth about statistics like higher number of women graduates in many developed nations, more male suicides in all countries, and women living longer than men of course. read more

Find ‘Equality’ in Japan’s Domestic Violence Act!

India’s PWDVA (Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005) is well known for its steadfast refusal of acknowledging that violence inside a home can be against other members of family except wives/live-in women partners.  The name of the act itself says it all that it is only to grant relief to women, and the content of the act makes it clear it is only for women living in relationship of nature of wife with a man. read more

Consolidated press coverage about Marriage Laws Amendment bill