Humiliate them young, nice try!

Catch them men students while they are young.   Make them feel ashamed for a crime they did not commit and most of them never will.  Ignore that the problem of false rape allegations by women even exists, when statistics and individual instances all clearly exist.  That there a whole industry whose own interest is to thrive based on hysteria generated by claims of rape and violence against against women.

(Washington D.C. Mar 10, 2012 AVFM News) On Monday, March 5th, hundreds of male students donned high heel shoes and marched on the campus of Mississippi State University in the second annual Walk a Mile In Her Shoes event sponsored by MSU’s Sexual Assault Services Office. Billed as an event in which men march to end sexual assault, the event is only one of many such events held around the world which are promoted by Venture Humanity Inc., a California nonprofit organization.

But the event on Monday was not playful and it is ambiguous how by wearing high heel shoes men would do anything to help genuine victims of sexual assault. It was also anything but voluntary and “Raising Awareness” in this case meant administrative and social coercion of male students, almost exclusivity from the Greek community, to participate as well as distributing literature and raising more money.

The crowd of marching men were subjected to demeaning slurs from the crowd of onlookers and given hand written notes from members of a virtually all female audience implying their complicity in the supposed sexual assault epidemic.“Female students stood on the side lines. Over 400 male students wore heals and walked in a 1/4 mile circle, four times while the female students stood and watched, mostly smiling and some were laughing.

Also, they had a female student model walk in front of the formation with the 400+ men following her. She is a member of the fashion board; there were lots of female students from the fashion board at the event. The men who followed her were mostly in heels and about half of them were carrying signs that said things like, “Rape Hurts Us All.’

The $300,000 grant named the “Campus Grant Program” is one of twenty one competitive grants distributed by the OVAW who’s recipients are given broad discretion on how to use the funds. There are generous provisions for the increase of salaries, benefits and travel expenses to any recipient organization

“People seemed to get hostile when topics came up like ‘hey don’t you think that this is weird or wrong’ and the reaction would be like ‘hey, what are you implying? there isn’t anything weird or wrong about rape?’ Said the student who indicated that there was an extreme amount of social coercion as well as administrative pressure to participate in the event.

“Its ridiculous, its humiliating” said the student. “I think that it doesn’t serve the purpose that it’s meant to serve, I think that it is more or less of a shaming tactic aimed at humiliating instead of teaching someone a lesson and if they are trying to teach a lesson what lesson would that be? You are taking gentlemen, basically, who care about women and care about women feeling better about themselves and their safety and you are making them humiliate themselves for the benefit of what? Not all men are rapists but that is basically the message that an event like this conveys. Even the thought of that if you take a step back is preposterous that all men are rapists.”

When asked how he felt about the other activities going on on campus initiated by the SAS office he said: “I have seen things posted around campus all throughout the year like the ‘one in four women will be raped in their lifetime’ statistic which shocks me because of all the girls I know only one says they’ve been raped and I think that is bazaar.” The student went on to describe fliers that were posted in the bathroom stalls of the building where he took most of his classes distributed by the SAS office. “That implies to me like someone saying ‘hey you, taking a piss right now, look at what we are posting right now you shouldn’t rape people.’”

He would be correct in thinking that not all men at MSU were rapists. According to annual Campus Police reports there have only been four reported rapes from 2005 to 2010. This on a campus who’s fall enrollment was between 15,000 and 20,000 students during that time period roughly half of whom were female. Rape, by far, is the least common violent crime reported.

“Le Dame Footwear has been providing shoes for these walks at a significant discount to the participating organizations as part of their effort to promote this cause. Le Dame Foot ware also makes an annual donation to Walk a Mile Organization based on the total number of pairs of the “Natilie” sold.” Le Dame’s press release concerning Fatla’s ascension to the board states. The “Natile” being a popular model of shoe provided by the company supposedly designed just for this event selling for $92.99.

The shoes provided for the event at MSU were paid for by the SAS Office.

In correspondence with AVFM News in which Robinson described the humiliating signs the male students were required to carry and the taunts they received from onlooking female students he provided a copy of the attached “Pledge to End Sexual Violence.” “”The Pledge” involved men in suits standing before a microphone reading the pledge on that slip of paper I am attaching. Hundreds of men repeated the words of that pledge before on-looking college girls.” said Robinson. “This is just wrong, Bob. It’s plain wrong. I want these types of rallies to disappear from this college.”

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