UK follows the ‘standard’ to expand definition of domestic violence

In UK they have proposed to expand the scope of domestic violence as per the following news report.

Men who bully their partners by verbally abusing them, taking control of their finances or isolating them from friends and family are guilty of domestic violence and could be prosecuted, ministers will say tomorrow. read more

World needs more ‘worst husbands’ like Einstein

There is a trend in media and society to discredit and denigrate all men in general, and so it should come as no surprise that the personal life and reputation of someone like Albert Einstein could also not have been immune to such perfidious onslaught.–expect-NO-affection–stop-talking-demands-it.html read more

Domestic violence by mothers and Social engineering in Malaysia

A recent government survey in Malaysia reveals that more child abuse is done by mothers than fathers.  So much for the feminist propaganda which shows men and fathers are perpetual perpetrators of domestic violence and women and children as hapless victims. read more

Find ‘Equality’ in Japan’s Domestic Violence Act!

India’s PWDVA (Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005) is well known for its steadfast refusal of acknowledging that violence inside a home can be against other members of family except wives/live-in women partners.  The name of the act itself says it all that it is only to grant relief to women, and the content of the act makes it clear it is only for women living in relationship of nature of wife with a man. read more

Domestic violence, the other way round

Some early start by media about looking at domestic violence on men.  It is never reported by press that women initiate more than half of intimate partner violence (IPV) according to peer reviewed studies. read more