Contest with 10K prize – Prove that “Law is in favour of women”

11/06/2020: An initial idea of the contest is published below and it is being finalized based on inputs from people.  You can revisit this page to know the start date of contest.

There is common saying in general public in India: “Law is in favour of women”.  This is especially heard of in matrimonial cases filed against husbands and their families (both criminal and maintenance related/family court cases), but also bandied about in related to cases related to molestation, sexual harassment etc.  Due to this, a kind of fear psychosis and lack of trust of law/justice has gripped the minds of public whenever they are being accused with anything related to crimes against women or with relation to matrimonial related disputes whether at police station or related to divorce/domestic violence/maintenance type of cases. read more

Misuse of sexual harassment law against innocent men

A recent news from Belagavi says that an honest officer T B Majjagi was hounded due to a false sexual harassment complaint filed against him.  However, he was able to come clean in all enquiries and it was found that the complaints against him were filed with malicious intentions.  Below is coverage of the news from the Times of India newspaper: read more

Protest organised in Mysore by men’s rights activists demanding scrapping of Section 498A

On May 5, 2015 many men under the aegis of Centre for Men’s Rights and supported by a few women staged a demonstration in Mysuru demanding the scrapping of Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code, Domestic Violence Act 2005 and similar laws allegedly said to suffer from a gender bias.

They raised slogans against the law and said most of them were victims of the misuse of Section 498A under which a woman can file a complaint of dowry harassment and the accused could be taken into custody by the police immediately without sufficient evidence or investigation. read more

Supreme court’s order on no automatic arrests under IPC 498a

Full text of this recent judgment is available on another site so you may visit there to read it in full.  Below are some of the salient points helpful to people who may be facing threat of arbitrary and unjustified arrests under IPC 498a, or any other offence punishable up to 7 years. read more

Marriage insurance, or really divorce pension for wives?

What Mulayam Singh said about rape and death penalty

A few days back Mulayam Singh Yadav, leader of Samajwadi Party made a statement about rape including false rape cases during an election rally which was twisted completely out of context and splashed all over the media, cashing in and keeping alive the rape hysteria among Indian public after the Nirbhaya rape case in Dec 2012. read more

Samajwadi party promises safeguarding men’s rights in manifesto

Vote for us, will check 'misuse' of anti-rape law, says Mulayam's manifesto

Lucknow: Mulayam Singh Yadav believes that voters should pick his Samajwadi Party because it will fight to check “the large-scale misuse” of the tougher anti-rape law introduced after the fatal gang-rape of a young woman on a moving bus in Delhi. His commitment was made in his party manifesto which was released today. read more

IPC 498a arrests, conviction rate, statistics show gross abuse of human rights

It is no hidden secret that IPC 498a is a weapons of human rights abuse of husband and his family/relatives, and judiciary including Supreme Court has given instances of its gross misuse and directives to government and law ministry for prevention of IPC 498a misuse and amendments.  Some police circulars have been issued in various states to prevent arbitrary arrests under 498a, but they are often not followed by police.  The suggestion to law ministry for amending 498a has also been pending for 2 years. read more

UK follows the ‘standard’ to expand definition of domestic violence

In UK they have proposed to expand the scope of domestic violence as per the following news report.

Men who bully their partners by verbally abusing them, taking control of their finances or isolating them from friends and family are guilty of domestic violence and could be prosecuted, ministers will say tomorrow. read more