Cops asked to exercise caution in dowry cases

Recent news in Bangalore, Karnataka says: cops asked to exercise caution in dowry cases.  Well really, this is nothing new but circular issued in Oct 2010 which maybe Bangalore police is re-discovering now that there has been high-profile murder cases due to fear of false cases, and also request by major IT companies in Bangalore to police to not arrest (everyone in family and the dog) merely on filing of a dowry harassment (IPC 498a) case on husband. read more

Give justice to Munish Dalal and his Family

‘Give Iron Woman award to my mom, aunt’

New Delhi, Mar 2, 2012, DHNS:

Man demands payback for 9 years of suffering in dowry case

“I was sent to the torture cell for 10 days. I have been beaten black and blue. I still have scars on my arms,” said Munish Dalal, remembering his days in the police lock-up. read more