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    12 thoughts on “Contact

    1. I am one of the victim, police are arrested under 498a and kept in the police station one night, even I had a antisipratory bail grant by session court.please give me suggesstion or commentment on my mail

    2. i got married on 16 jan 12, me and my wife had regular fights from the start,
      she for the first time left home on 28th april 12 and came back on 13th may,
      then again we separated on 3rd june 2012 and after series of meetings between both of us and our families she came back home on 1 jan 13
      but again she was taken back home by her father on 11th april 13.
      now i am in no mood to make up with her and plan for divorce.

      Reason for fight: she cant stand my family members,

      Can i apply for divorce?
      if yes then on what grounds?

    3. I am running to court from lost 5 years to face a false dowry harrasment case under IPC 498-A ,there is no end to such incidents in these days because there is no law to prosecute to who file such false cases. Even courts not allowed to talk freely to the accused and there is no time limit yet framed to hear such cases.

    4. My wife left house without any reason and field Dv act, and maintenance case on me, m poor and jobless guy, If I dnt find any help, there is no other way instead of suicide,

    5. all mens in india are requested to approach to law commission of india for seeking justice and a fair treatment by courts as the laws in india are pro-women.we all male should send a trigger to Govt and Law Commission that it is high time and we need a fair treatment in the hands of pro-woman laws. More number of correspondances more faster will be the amendments to existing laws. keep writting to Govt /law commission of india .spread this to maximum number of males facing such false trials at behest of laws for women.Get Aware!GET JUSTICE!STAY AWAKE

    6. Hello Everyone,
      #MukeshPandey an IAS officer of Bihar has committed suicide because of his wife. He must be intelligent men who respect our law. But still, he is not able to save his family. Then how come an average man can save him from this biased laws. Every human being must be treated equally and no innocent should be punished. But every victim must get the justice. Please raise your voice against injustice.

    7. My husband and his brother are restictred entering their own house from their married sisters 20 years before after fathers death these 3 sons taken care their mother and sister . They giving money to home they did all the construction work of the house they did everything for their sisters. All the marriage expenditure given by bothers along with gold . After returning from gulf she was living with her husband house . Usually she is coming to our house to c her mother during this time she and her husband plan was to take all property and do their name but it was not possible do because father didn’t made any will . So they brainwashed their mother and both sisters and their husband made plan wen my husband brother went for job they locked the door and not allowed to come in side the house they were tortured their mother for property . They did mothers property will in one daughter name . After 6 month they send the notice to both brothers they want property. Now my brother in low in difficlit situation he was n road for one year after that he is staying his friends house . Now mother expired still these sister not allowing plz we need justice to enter our house . Plz help us . Still the case is going on in court all the their escaping in court. We need justice plz help us .

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