Misuse of sexual harassment law against innocent men

A recent news from Belagavi says that an honest officer T B Majjagi was hounded due to a false sexual harassment complaint filed against him.  However, he was able to come clean in all enquiries and it was found that the complaints against him were filed with malicious intentions.  Below is coverage of the news from the Times of India newspaper:


Purush Adhikar Sangh has highlighted the misuse of laws like sexual harassment and even rape law.


Need for amendments

1. Purush Adhikar Sangh condemns use of sexual harassment law as a tool to settle scores, pull down political or organisational rivals, or simply to bring down an honest person whose work and propriety cannot otherwise be under any question.

2. No media trials should be conducted of the accused men.  If media is unable to exercise control in the matter, then the law should be amended so that identity of the accused is kept secret until trial/enquiry is over.

3. Also, the sexual harassment law in India in current form protects only women, and it is high time that it is amended to be made  gender-neutral so that men can also claim protection under the same law.

4 thoughts on “Misuse of sexual harassment law against innocent men

  1. Sir, I am from Gorakhpur stating about sexual harassment and blackmailing by a girl named Neelam D/O Mahanand resident of Railway Coloney Ramgargh Taal Gorakhpur to my son recently married on 23 Feb 2017. The girls are four sisters. the trend adopted by this family that girls are mischievously taking into trap the innocent boys from own community and reputed family. On any occasion/suitable time taking advantages either to forcibly married or blackmailing for a big money/property threatening FIR under IPC Sec 376 etc. Three sisters earlier succeeded in her mission. This fourth girls after marriage of boy about 1 month demanded Rs 10 lacs and 5 Bighas land, failing fulfill her desire the girl lodged FIR under Sec 376 with Mahila Thana Gorakhpur. But we boys side family has decided not to give any single paisa enspite of jail. The place and time of incident and related version in the application/FIR is totally false and one sided. No proof of anything are available in support of case other hand proofs with version of boy are suffucient. This is andha kanoon in India. The people should fight strongly for justice with male person. Requesting to raise the vice for justice of men in India. Thanks,

    G Prasad Gorakhpur
    Mob 7376212752
    E mail gprasadg15@gmail.com
    statement of boy against girl”s statement

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