World needs more ‘worst husbands’ like Einstein

There is a trend in media and society to discredit and denigrate all men in general, and so it should come as no surprise that the personal life and reputation of someone like Albert Einstein could also not have been immune to such perfidious onslaught.–expect-NO-affection–stop-talking-demands-it.html read more

Consolidated press coverage about Marriage Laws Amendment bill

Media made to answer after publishing cooked up story

Read full story at link below, especially India Today’s haughty attempt to browbeat a ‘private individual’ into submission by asking his ‘locus standi’ in the matter of enquiring about due credentials behind a highly derogatory and misleading news story.  How about my locus standi that I have to read through your news articles and I can never be sure about what is genuine news reporting and what is your self-proclaimed ‘social service’ in the grand cause of vilifying men! read more

NRI Male bashing news removed after action by MRAs

Above webpage used to give horrendous details about a NRI man tormenting his oh so innocent bride.  But such judgment by media trial was not taken lightly by a few good men, who made the media outlet remove the news story.  Now you will see below content on the link above: read more

Give justice to Munish Dalal and his Family

‘Give Iron Woman award to my mom, aunt’

New Delhi, Mar 2, 2012, DHNS:

Man demands payback for 9 years of suffering in dowry case

“I was sent to the torture cell for 10 days. I have been beaten black and blue. I still have scars on my arms,” said Munish Dalal, remembering his days in the police lock-up. read more