All India Protest against proposed Marriage Law Amendment Bill 2010 (Commonly known as IrBM)

A protest (dharna) was organised by Centre for Men’s Rights in Bangalore, India on 26th May against Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2010 which introduces Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage (IrBM) as a valid ground for divorce.  Similar protests have been organised in other cities like Mumbai and Pune.

Men’s rights activists and civil society from all over India has planned to do a similar protest in Delhi on 18th Aug, 2012.  The brief of the event and description is given below.  To know the exact venue, kindly follow the link to Facebook event below which will be updated by latest information by the organisers of the protest.

Dilli Chalo if you want to “Bring about the Change”!! Govt.of India is all set to pass a law that will simply disempower husbands from owing their own hard earned property in the event of a divorce. And it would apply blindly, like a formula on all marriages.

Also, Govt. neither ready to disclose amended clauses in the bill, nor ready for a dialogue with men’s rights activists to consider the rights and interests of husbands in the law.

Join this mass protest against fascist gender-biased and anti-male law making in India allowing unconstitutional laws to be passed.

People from all over India must join this protest and raise their voice against misandry.

3 thoughts on “All India Protest against proposed Marriage Law Amendment Bill 2010 (Commonly known as IrBM)

  1. I think there should also be online petitions to stop this nonsennse bills plus we must send our represantation to all Political parties with detailed explanation though I think there are little chance that parties would openly Oppose this bill still it would create awareness.It is also essential that we must demand Creation of Ministery Of Men and National commission For men also to represent Males views on all laws and to protect and preserve the interest of males .Whenever there is reservation for women is done whether it is in local bodies like Municipalites or Parliament reservation also must be done for males by writing in law.Otherwise rest of seats become open for both while reserved seats continue for females

  2. True, we should have an accepted online voting to prevent such an unfair laws from being put in place. If men and women are equal, why should there be laws to protect women? Or rather, there should be equal laws to protect men as well!

  3. Govt. must amend this law 498A, I think or usually 90% case are being lodge false or completely wrong. Even I see so many cases that lady are always giving threat to their Husband or family for dowry cases.
    Its very danger in society.

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