Photos from 26th May Dharna

A few photographs are below:

The dharna goes into gear at Town Hall!

There is good participation by women too.





The graph (blue bars) show the increasing rate of married men’s suicides.  Compare that with the pink bars which show married women’s suicides.





The message is loud and clear!


No more men suicides, prosecute militant brides


We appreciate the policemen who work long hours in service of the society!

Our activist distributing pamphlets near Town Hall intersection.

Reaching out one man to another

6 thoughts on “Photos from 26th May Dharna

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  2. I hearty appreciate your activity for protect the men from woman torturing. I am also one the person till now torturing from my illiterate wife and his relatives. I am working in public sector come under central govt.

  3. There is no words to tell what type of torture and harassment in house, public and police stations without any mistake. To end with unity of all victims to fight against demon wives in the society.

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