Aims and Objectives

Our aims and objectives are to promote men’s welfare and their human rights and prevent abuse of men’s rights. We aim to reduce suicide rate of men and create more acceptability and choices for men in society. Therefore, we aim to work towards:

  1. Abolishing existing laws which are biased against men or violative of their fundamental constitutional and human rights.
  2. Work towards making existing laws gender neutral so that men have similar rights and protections in laws as women.
  3. Work to remove wrongful processes of implementation in executive and judiciary which violate fundamental rights and process of natural justice for men.
  4. Working towards sensitization of men’s issues in society and media.
  5. Work towards laws and policies which do not marginalize men or undermine their role in families and society.
  6. Forming support and counselling groups for men facing abuse of their rights simply because of their male gender.
  7. Reject and work against attempts to dilute men’s fundamental rights in the name of (pseudo)-women empowerment or any other similar social engineering goals.
  8. Focus on role of fathers in family including children’s development, and work against attempts to reduce fathers’ role in lives of children.
  9. Create awareness about adverse effects of father-child separation under sole custody arrangements following divorce or separation, and work towards creating shared parenting laws with meaningful role for fathers.

In order to fulfil the objectives of this organization we will:

  1. Provide counselling to men facing any violation of their fundamental or human rights mainly because of their male gender
  2. Strive for gender equality in laws related to marriage, divorce, child custody and domestic abuse.
  3. Conduct public awareness events, workshops, seminars, and press conferences on issues of men’s rights and welfare
  4. Make representations and disseminate information to lawmakers, judiciary, and various authorities of the Government and Semi-government organizations, Not-for-profit organizations and other national and international agencies and promote discussion on issues related to men’s rights and welfare
  5. Conduct and promote research on issues related to men’s health and well-being in all areas of life, and promote the same to government and other agencies.

7 thoughts on “Charter

  1. i was married on 10th july 2011, we had problems and we were in constant friction. we never had a peaceful life. even when together we stayed in separate bedrooms. now its been a year since she is not in my home. now for mutual her mom is making demands for huge sums of money. i haven’t taken a rupee of dowry. now her mom is harassing my parents saying she will put case on us. wht should i do…?

  2. sir my marriage is done on 17th dec2014 i haven’t taken any dowry ,she is fully arogent,only 15-days im happy after that she started harashment,lot of days i have no sleep all problems only., so my parents have sugested me to take court counciling and i applied for that but she is not comming to that counciling and she is blackmining me to demand money from me for that.,they visited a private counciling center . plz help and sugest me what to do..

  3. In these case a married women make a relationship with another boy who is not married bt she have already two children .
    And when husband kows that all or wo iska virodh krta h to is situation me bhi aourat shi h
    Wo apne pati ko chorne ko tyar h or uski dimand h 10 lakh rupes to kya krna chaie plz suggest me
    Esa koi ngo h jo hlp kr ske

  4. Hello sir my brother is in jail in himachal Pradesh solan in rape case that is not proved but he is still in jail for last 2 years
    So kindly tell what should we do for him he is not a culprit please suggest

  5. sir meri shadi 16 feb 1984 ko hui aur meri patni ka ek doctor ke saat affair 15 salo se hai mujhe abhi pata chala maine us se pucha phale to vo mana kar rahi thi jab maine use phone recording sunai to vo maan gayi aur us ne kaha ki vo doctor us se jabardasti kara aur family ko marne ki dhamki di par mujhe us par yakin nahi hai mai kya karun please bataye

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