Media made to answer after publishing cooked up story

Read full story at link below, especially India Today’s haughty attempt to browbeat a ‘private individual’ into submission by asking his ‘locus standi’ in the matter of enquiring about due credentials behind a highly derogatory and misleading news story.  How about my locus standi that I have to read through your news articles and I can never be sure about what is genuine news reporting and what is your self-proclaimed ‘social service’ in the grand cause of vilifying men! read more

NRI Male bashing news removed after action by MRAs

Above webpage used to give horrendous details about a NRI man tormenting his oh so innocent bride.  But such judgment by media trial was not taken lightly by a few good men, who made the media outlet remove the news story.  Now you will see below content on the link above: read more