“Male Privilege to Die” certificates for feminists’ male family members

In a recent discussion on a TV channel about men’s suicides in India, the woman panelist gave some interesting opinions about the importance (or lack of it) of men’s suicides.  The video is linked below.


At 36:00 min, the woman makes a comments which would gladden the hearts of all radical feminists.  She says:

“If we are doing this… at least we are giving you the opportunity to kill yourselves.”

Then she says a sentence of two about Sati system about how it was forced suicide for the woman who was asked to jump into the fire and kill yourselves.  Of course she would not want to give any details about how many women killed themselves as Sati in the last 30 years.  A total of 5, as per this wikipedia article, and we cannot claim that all of these of forced.  Given the media and society’s outcry against Sati, it is highly unlikely that such cases will be ‘vastly underreported’ or brushed under the carpet, as the feminists are wont to say about rape.

Compare that number 5 in last 30 years to the yearly suicide rate of married men of 65,000 per year which is double that of married women’s suicides.

And then she airs her view that forced suicide under Sati is somehow worse than cold-blooded murder of a man forced to commit suicide!

Then she says about men’s suicides: “I think it is a privilege to die once and for all and go to hell, heaven whatever than being abused everyday… the woman is not even given the privilege to die or kill herself…”

So now we are given to believe that the law called IPC 498a passed in 1983 to prevent married women’s suicides was a diabolical idea of a patriarchal society to relieve married women of even their privilege to commit suicide and die!

Logic and reason were never strong points of feminists.  Forever crying about victimization and oppression are.  We propose a certificate (see below) to be distributed among all those feminists (including males) who believe in this fantastic idea that men have a privilege to commit suicide and die.  The certificate is called “Certificate of Male Privilege to die”.  We would like such male-privilege-to-die-feminists to distribute this certificate to their male family members, relatives, and friends to enlighten them about this huge and exclusive male privilege they might yet be unaware of.  After all, if it is such a great privilege, you wouldn’t want them not to know about it!



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