Domestic violence by mothers and Social engineering in Malaysia

A recent government survey in Malaysia reveals that more child abuse is done by mothers than fathers.  So much for the feminist propaganda which shows men and fathers are perpetual perpetrators of domestic violence and women and children as hapless victims.

Many of the other points in the news story are somewhat tragi-comic.  Original news interspersed with our comments follows below:

YUEN MEIKENG (The Star), Asia News Network, Kuala Lumpur | World | Sat, 06/09/2012 9:25 PM

In a surprising finding, the largest percentage of child abusers were found to be the parents themselves.

Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Heng Seai Kie said Saturday that last year 44.3% of child abusers the parents.

And mothers were worse abusers than the fathers.

“Mothers made up 25.4% of perpetrators in child abuse cases while 18.9% were fathers. Together, parents made up 44.3% of child abusers in incidents recorded last year nationwide,” she said in her speech at the third national conference of the Association of Registered Child Care Providers Malaysia (PPBM) in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday.

This has been consistent for the last three years.

She said parents should learn to strike a balance between work and parental responsibilities.

“I don’t blame mothers completely. Some mothers have to juggle their career and family and are burdened by multiple responsibilities,” she said, adding that fathers should to chip in with home duties to reduce the pressure on mothers.

Comment: This is her personal opinion and does not seem to be reflected in the survey!  No similar excuses are ever given to justify any domestic violence complaints against men.

Heng also revealed that child abuse statistics from Selangor and Kuala Lumpur were constantly above 50% of the total cases in Malaysia.

On another matter, she said the ministry hoped to increase the percentage of children enrolled in child care centres from the current 4% to 25% by 2020.

“This is in line with the Government’s policy in encouraging the participation of women in the work force. One of our objectives is to increase the number of women from the current 41% to at least 55% of the total work force by 2015,” Heng said, adding that one of the challenges for women to have a career was their responsibility towards their children.

Comment:  It is quite perplexing is the seemingly huge goal to increase women’s participation in workforce from 41 to 55% to be achieved within a timespan of only 3 years!  We hope this is not to be achieved by mass laying off of men.  It is difficult to imagine how such a goal is achievable otherwise.  Unless the government plan also involves to encourage stay-at-home fathers taking care of children while the mothers work outside home.

It is borne by statistical data from US that as women’s participation rate increases in workforce, men’s participation rate in labour force decreases.  Such men who are thrown out of work due to such social engineering must be compensated in same way by the welfare state that aims both fiscal measures as well as incentives to create more child care centres.

She said that in order to set up more child care centres, the Government offered incentives to corporate bodies and government agencies to establish such facilities at the work place.

Heng said a RM200,000 incentive was given to government agencies while private companies were offered a tax deduction of 10% from their annual income for 10 years by the Finance Ministry to set up child care centers.

Early Child Care and Education Council assistant treasurer Shamsinah Shariff said the council would encourage housing developers to allocate land to build child care centres and kindergartens at residential areas.

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