Indian women learning filing IPC 498a cases on husbands doesn’t pay

Here is a recent news which sounds interesting in the vein of “dog bites man” variety, but it hides more than it discloses.  We attempt to give the hidden story which has not been shared with the readers of news below:

June 25, 2012 | By SULOGNA MEHTA | Hyderabad

Wrangling over alimony and settlements has been a common phenomenon down the years but cut to 2012. Lawyers now find a new emerging trend in family courts. Instead of men paying alimony and divorce settlements, it’s the women who are now coming forward to pay settlements and compensation to their divorce reluctant husbands so that they can quickly get on with their lives.

The women shell out money to get rid of the legal hassles of lengthy divorce procedures and to quickly move on with their lives. These women are working, independent and mostly aged in their late-20s and early 30s and place a premium on time. “To get a quick and easy divorce, women are coming forward to pay the legal charges, compensation and settlements to their husbands. They just don’t want to contest the case and drag the divorce procedure for years by letting the spouse appeal to higher courts. All they want is to begin life anew at the earliest and don’t mind denouncing permanent alimony,” pointed out family court advocate Anita Salabh Jain.

28-year-old V. Janaki (name changed), working in the telecommunication department, had filed a dowry harassment case against her husband, a government employee. “My husband got bail and said that he would contest the case and even move the Apex Court to take revenge on me for sending him to jail, as it had cost him his job. It would simply mean our divorce case might get dragged on for years while it was impossible for me to stay with a abusive husband. I withdrew the criminal case against him, decided to forego permanent alimony, gave him adequate compensation for his lost job, paid the security amount and all legal expenses, all of which amounted to a few lakhs of rupees,” she said, adding that after a few counseling sessions and all these compromises, her husband agreed to go in for a mutual divorce.

The news story talks about a new trend, however it provides a grand total of one instance of Ms V Janaki cited as proof of the trend.  More importantly, it does not give comments of Ms Janaki’s husband who was on the receiving end of dowry harassment case, which might have helped readers on getting the full picture.

Here we attempt to give a more complete and realistic picture of what is happening in society when it comes to marital disputes, separation, and divorces, keeping Ms Janaki’s case as the backdrop.

  1. Ms Janaki decides she does not want to stay in marriage.
  2. She checks her options and realizes that getting a divorce in India is pretty much a impossible exercise unless both parties agree to a mutual consent divorce.
  3. At the same time, her lawyer/advisors (read gold-diggers) advice her of possibility of getting a quick divorce along with a lumpsum settlement should she decide to file on her husband what is commonly known as a dowry harassment case under section 498a of IPC (Indian Penal Code).
  4. Ms Janaki starts dreaming of hitting the jackpot and getting rid of her husband in one shot.  Her advisors start dreaming of possible lucrative cash flow when the game is over and done with.
  5. She files a IPC 498a case on her husband.  The police is all too eager to help since who can turn down a woman in distress, never mind that the conviction rate under IPC 498a is in single digits!
  6. Contrary to the expected plan, Ms Janaki’s husband is made of higher mettle and decides that there is no point trying to enter into financial settlement especially after losing his job.  What more is there to lose anyway?  He decides to fight the criminal case even if it takes him a few years.
  7. Ms Janaki realizes the game did not work out as planned, and wants to cut short her losses (time) and decides to pay to husband.  Phew!

Crime doesn’t pay.

9 thoughts on “Indian women learning filing IPC 498a cases on husbands doesn’t pay

  1. My wife is filled recently a 498a case against me and her family want the money from me. The case is now with women cell and I am fighting to get the case in my favor but the CAW guys not listening me at all. As my wife is having some personal relation with CAW personals. I need some help and how I go about it. I don’t want to pay any amount as an extortion to them. I want to fight please help me on the same case. Those people threatening me that they will send me the jail with put fake allegation if I don’t listen to me and as well my wife relatives comes with some non socialized people. Please help my contact no is 9818911212

  2. My wife ran way with my daughter and all my money and jewelry by planning well in advance.She filed false 498 A case on me and my family members who did not stay with us. She wants divorce by mutual consent and probably more money as settlement amount. But I have been granted anticipatory bail by the HC and I have decided to fight it out. I do not want to marry again and I am only concerned about my 4 yrs old daughter.

  3. Please be aware about following 498a women, they are out for another hunt:-

    Her father is a politician and they specialize in filing 498a in their home district Morena. They can touch your feet, whatever necessary to please you and show they are very innocent.

    • If Victimized husband must commit suicide, he should FIRST break right leg and right hand or both hands or both legs of the wife’s lawyer and wife . Please don’t kill such despicable persons. Make them suffer whole life because if you kill them , they wouldn’t even know why they died. Even if you do not intend to commit suicide, please get some one to break legs and hands of your enemies. It is cheaper than paying extortion money

  4. I have been fighting against 498a from one year which was filed against me and my family by my greedy wife and there family to extract a lump sum amount of money. Me and my family her everything she wanted including love and materialistic life. But she never recognised her value for her in my home. she requested 10 lakhs soon after the 5 th day of the marriage. we didn’t had that amount to give her when she requested. 6 months passed As we were unable to give her money she threatened that she will attempt suicide or she would go for an abortion as she was pregnant. Later she said she will go her parental home and come back after 3 days but she never returned home more over my wife and there parents started blackmailing that if we don’t listen to there commands there will file dowry harassment and domestic violence case against me and my family. As my wife’s uncle was in the police department with his help they filed a case on us on 2 oct 2013. My job lost and my parents lost there health.
    Being born in india as a men is seems to be a curse.
    How many men you wanted them to take there own lives but just from your false cases.
    Remember one day you will face the threat too then you would know the real sufferings of a family….
    It’s the time to join hands to fight against the misuse of laws…
    Narendra modi sir, the real terrorism is in india against there husbands from few greedy women.

    • To all those brothers who are facing false criminal cases ,me too going all thru this.
      The only problem is all those ass licking fake jobless lawyers who feed stupid ideas to all those morons and pimps relatives of unworthy girls to which we unfortunately got married.
      Our last resort is just to be strong from within and dnt just care abt society or what will happen in future. We are
      Right on our path, its the girl who turned out to b whore and her relatives as pimp demanding alimony and maintenance.
      Believe me they have no self respect nor do other have respect for them. Our suffering will get back to them and in longer run it is they who will be the looser for entire life and other life time too ,if it exsist.
      Yes Law in india is biased but it is this same law which is breaking marriges ultimately not favouring womens but destroying there entire life.
      So seriously all those MPs framing laws please ammend this law as it in unfavourable to men as well as more disastorus to the idiots u r protecting thru this.
      Marriges suerly are made in heaven but divorces are made cause of this whole corrupt and biased system.
      It is total missuse of law framed for innocents and one in great need.
      Suerly this is terrorism for men like us who are true on every aspect. We are also humans .please try n understand our perception also..
      All my brothers facing fake crpc cases, please have patience and belive it, that sooner or later truth will come out ,all we got to do is believe in ourselves and almighty god.
      Please share ur wrd with me on this.

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