Safety guide for men from being deemed a rapist

There are stories in media of violent and forced rape.  There are also stories in media about rape which is more of the Julian Assange variety.  Following is a good guide to what practically goes in name of rape allegations on men.



Some of you might counter these stories by saying that you can be convicted for murder by mistake. Yes, but:

  • There is no history of false murder accusations, while false rape accusations are rampant.
  • In murder cases, there is due process guaranteed by constitutions and the Magna Carta. In rape and sexual abuse cases, due process has been all but abolished, leading to…
    • conviction-by-flimsy-evidence-rape
    • false-confession-due-to-relentless-police-pressure-rape
    • false-plea-bargaining-confessions-for-fear-of-20-year-prison-term-rape

There is even…

19) I-Don’t-Have-Taxi-Fare-Rape

Taxi drivers seem to be at special risk for false rape accusations. See the following stories:

And last but not least…

20) Andrea-Dworkin-Rape

Radical feminists espouse lesbianism because they say all heterosexual sex is rape and all men are rapists.

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