Safety guide for men from being deemed a rapist

There are stories in media of violent and forced rape.  There are also stories in media about rape which is more of the Julian Assange variety.  Following is a good guide to what practically goes in name of rape allegations on men. read more

Some perspectives on women in work

Some news and articles around the world around international women’s day:

“I DON’T like quotas, but I like what quotas do,” says Viviane Reding, the European Union’s justice commissioner. A year ago she invited publicly listed firms to sign a pledge to increase the proportion of women on their boards to 30% by 2015 and 40% by 2020. If there was no significant progress within a year, she said at the time, “you can count on my regulatory creativity.” So far only 24 firms have signed. read more

Do judges have any role in women empowerment spoiling society?

In a recent hearing of a marital dispute, Justice Manjunath made a broadly generalized, but disturbing statement when he said that society is being spoilt because of women’s empowerment. read more

And the award for most sexy goes to — NCW

Please read the news story which follows later.  We just have an interesting question for the sexy (read: beautiful, blah blah) people at National Confusion for Women (NCW):

1. What is your formal submission to lawmakers on proposed sexual harassment at workplace bill?  That the word sexy when used for a co-worker will not be considered sexual harassment but a compliment!  Since you are concerned about protecting only women under the bill and not men, the question is especially relevant to your constituency as mandated by the NCW Act. read more